Cucina italiana – Senza carne – 9.

I love cheese and I love them all. Also I have already expressed my feelings towards Burrata, Mozzarella is kind of obvious, but there is a third player here: Z i z z o n a (literally: big boob) 🙂

Where is this name coming from? There was an Italian comedy “Benvenuti al Sud”, in which the leading actor Claudio Bisio invents a kind of mozzarella, which he calls the Zizzona di Battipaglia, which allegedly weighs an incredible 5 kg. After the film’s success, in 2012, the trademark Zizzona di Battipaglia was registered, for a brand that produces 800 g mozzarellas in the shape of a breast. In Italian, “zizza”, is a slang word for breasts. 🙂


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